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Case Studies

Qualcomm Gaming Room

  • What was changing at the company?
    • Qualcomm was looking to update their current AV system in their conference area.
  • What were their AV needs?
    • Client wanted to add and electric screen, a high-end HD projector, and it was important that we could integrate and existing display into the system. They also wanted multiple inputs in the table that incorporated a touch panel to control the system.
  • How did we ensure a smooth install and client satisfaction?
    • Since this was an area that was still being used, we coordinated with the staff our schedule in order to do our install without interrupting their work.
    • Our longstanding relationship with Qualcomm allowed for this project, and other projects, to run very smoothly.


  • What was changing at the company?
    • Client requested an upgrade to their training and conference rooms for their tenant improvement at one of their facilities in Chula Vista.
  • What were their AV needs, and how did we meet them?
    • Information was requested on Smart Boards. We set up a demo day at a local dealer to educate client on Smart Boards, and helped them chose the one best fit for their work environment.
    • SoCal communicated needs for electrician and contractors to allow for our system to function correctly.
  • What was our final design?
    • The final install for the training room involved two projectors with two screens to display various sources. Also, speakers for audio distribution, microphones for the presenters, and a Smart Podium for interactive presentations.

Goal Structured Solutions

  • What was changing at the company?
    • GSS was rapidly expanding and needed to move to a larger location in downtown San Diego. Along with this expansion, they were looking to modernize their conference rooms and employee lounge with upgraded AV.
  • What were their AV needs?
    • Client requested zoning for audio in their employee lounge to allow for small meetings as well as large corporate parties. They also wanted to make sure their conference rooms allowed presenters to connect different types of devices and host Skype video chats with their clients.
  • How did we prep for a smooth install and client satisfaction?
    • The choice of conference room table was very important to our client; we were able to set up a meeting with the furniture dealer to ensure our equipment would integrate seamlessly into the table.
    • Fortunately we were able to meet the client on location prior to the construction phase. This gave us the ability to design a system and allowed for a hassle-free installation.


Destination Concepts

  • What was changing at the company?
    • Destination Concepts was moving office locations in San Diego and requested an AV upgrade with a modern look.
  • What were their AV needs?
    • Client needed audio conferencing, two displays, and an i-pad wall control. It was also important they had flexibility to hear audio when room was closed for small meetings, or opened for larger meetings.
  • How did we prep for a smooth install and client satisfaction?
    • Specs were communicated to client of we needed as far as pathway locations, electrical outlet locations, and dimensions of equipment rack for custom-built credenza. This way they could relay info to appropriate vendors. This allowed for a smooth and cohesive install.
    • Open dialog with client and their other vendors allowed for seamless integration of the equipment and a functioning system.